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Onboarding & Optimization Support
We understand the unique challenges faced by startups and emerging brands. As part of Amazon Launchpad, you will receive the following benefits for launching your product(s):
  • In-house Brand Consultants: To provide guidance and support to successfully launch your product(s) on Amazon.
  • A perfect launch checklist: To help ensure your product listings are informative, engaging, and calibrated to maximise your chances of conversion.
Launch Marketing Package
Once your listings have been optimized and the perfect launch checklist criteria are met, your products are eligible for the Amazon Launchpad Marketing Package to improve discoverability. The package includes:
  • Placement on Amazon Launchpad home page: Your product(s) will be included in a "New Releases" placement on the Amazon Launchpad home page.
  • Placement on Amazon Launchpad category page: Your product(s) will receive placement on a featured Amazon Launchpad category page (e.g. Gadgets, Home etc.).
  • Placement on New Releases category page: Your product(s) will receive placement on the Amazon Launchpad New Releases page.
  • Email & Notifications: Amazon shoppers will be sent emails and notifications of the selection on Amazon Launchpad that includes your product(s), during your Amazon Launch Marketing campaign.
  • Eligibility for inclusion in ongoing thematic campaigns: Run exclusively for the Amazon Launchpad brands in addition to the marketing support during Amazon marketplace events.

Business Insights

Amazon Launchpad provides you with business insights that will help you identify whitespaces, decide on product benefits and optimize your marketing mix. As part of Amazon Launchpad, you are eligible for:
  • Access to a self-service Business Insights Suite: Comprising reports based on our market intelligence.
  • High Value Business Advisory: To optimize your business strategy with inputs on events, portfolio management and more.

Ongoing Opportunities

Ongoing opportunities are available throughout the year for all of our eligible brands, including:
  • Placement in corporate Amazon events: Events occur throughout the year and include Great Indian Festival sales, Prime Day, Small Business Day and more.
  • Amazon PR support: Amazon Launchpad products may be included and/or featured in Amazon PR events during the year.
  • Work with different teams across Amazon: Amazon Launchpad members can collaborate with a number of Amazon teams to help grow their business.
  • Additional perks and benefits: All members have access to additional discounts, credits, and more benefits. Details will be communicated after program registration
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